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      Section 8 application San Jose California - Can I apply for section 8 online?

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      How can I find a Section 8 application and apply for Section 8 in San Jose California?

      There is a tremendous shortage of Section 8 housing in San Jose California area. This is true in many cities in our country right now. According to the Association of Bay Area Governments, 58,000 more housing units are needed to fix that, including 16,000 very low-income units. That is in an area that is consistently one of the most expensive rental markets. Existing housing is not being fully used and 30 percent of vouchers go unused because prospective low-income renters cannot find a place. It cites an April 2016 report that found 826 households with vouchers in hand could not find housing, including 217 homeless veterans. The report states that jurisdictions that have adopted similar statutes have seen the number of Section 8 vouchers used rise by 4 percent to 11 percent. Housing authorities are overwhelmed with applicants trying to apply for Section 8 in Los Angeles as well as San Jose California. The application process is always free. Most housing authorities will allow Section 8 applicants to apply online to avoid long lines at the housing authority.

      A recent mandate is somewhat forcing landlords to accept Section 8 tenants. The ordinance also can allow voucher recipients to move into areas that might not have landlords as receptive to the vouchers. Landlords who place ads stating Section 8 need not apply or who are found to discriminate against equally suitable tenants on such basis would be subject to legal action. HUD sued a prominent landlord in 2015 over its Section 8 law, which it put in place in the late 1990s. That case is still in court a judge rejected a bid to dismiss the action last May. In the midst of our affordability crisis, targeting poor and working families for unfair treatment in housing is unconscionable, said San Jose Attorney Dennis Herrera at the time. However, a letter written to the Santa Clara County supervisors by the three real estate groups maintained that mandating participation by all landlords in a program designed to be voluntary is the wrong approach. Many small property owners are likely to choose selling their properties, it states, over being forced into this program. Mel Kranz, of the San Jose Affordable Housing Network, said he knows hundreds of people who can not find a place to live in Silicon Valley because they face Section 8 discrimination for those who have completed a HUD application online. There are landlords who say we would prefer not to have Section 8 in our house, in our boat, in our neighborhood, maybe we do not want them in our country, he said. It is discrimination against people who can not pay outrageous rents to live here and need help to do so. It is like discriminating against someone because of their age, sex or ethnicity.

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